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Peon Clover Elizabeth & Jimmy Miklavcic

The band, Peon Clover, founded in 2011, is the musical creation of Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. The two are long-time artists with experience in visual art, theater, dance, experimental music, poetry and performance art. Peon Clover's debut album, Running Over Worms, emphasizes vocals, augmented by sound and rhythm. Elizabeth and Jimmy begin their vocal improvisations with a single word or short phrase and proceed through a process of streaming consciousness, immersed fully in the moment. The works end when they simply come to an end. Once the vocals are recorded, further additions to the composition may be added based on the intension that the vocals inspire. Two more albums are in the "can" waiting for final editing. Look for their second album, Quivering Lip to be released in the near future. CD's can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby or by contacting jimmy(dot)miklavcic(at)gmail(dot)com.