Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Alexis Levitt Photo: Elizabeth Miklavcic

Alexis Levitt has been performing since she was nine years old. Some highlights include singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir under John Williams, performing for the Dalai Llama, and touring Europe. Lexie is currently earning her Masters of Social Work and is a research assistant at the University of Utah. Lexie has enjoyed a rich friendship and collaboration with the Miklavcics and has been a part of previous Another Language projects. She composed and performed music for Another Language Performing Arts Company's twenty-fifth anniversary celebratory production of Interplay: Event Horizon in 2010. She played the character Ghost for Another Language Performing Arts Company's XYZ (2013) telematic cinema project. Lexie holds a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Utah and works as a freelance writer for Salt Lake City Weekly.