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Lyrics - By Phillip Bimstein

In the year Jesse James robbed his first bank
And Butch Cassidy was born
Three little girls went to ride the swing
In the frontier town of Grafton
The '62 flood and the Indian wars
Were not enough to kill them
They loved to go swing back and forth
As long as God was willing

Lizzie went with Lettie and Sarah
To ride the swing at the old cotton gin
She swung back and forth with Sarah in her lap
Then said, "Run home just as fast as you can"
Before Sarah got home she heard an awful crash
The old log at the top had come down
They dressed Lizzie and Lettie in long white dresses
And Sarah saw them laid in the ground
Back and forth, forth and back they swing
Back and forth, forth and back, can't change a thing
Now they surely know
It's their fate to go
Back and forth from one world to the other
The year Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs
Vilo Demille was playing run sheepie run
The children of Grafton ran to hide
While she shut her eyes, then she opened them wide
And saw two pale girls in long white dresses
Hair clear down to their waist
She tried to give chase but they went through the fence
And disappeared into space
Back and forth, forth and back we come
Back and forth, forth and back we go
From one world to the other
Through the veil between
Back and forth we go to one another

Back and forth we come
Back and forth we go (x2)
© 2006 Phillip Bimstein