Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Miners Basin Altar Dance
by Callous Physical Theatre
For our Ghost Town project Callous Physical Theatre primitive camped near the old Dewey Suspension Bridge – itself a “ghost bridge” that burned soon after it was reconstructed – which was near the remnants of an old school house. From here we collected and created source material from the Dewey Bridge, Cisco, Sego and Miners Basin. We will continue to develop this material for “Pareidoilia”, exhibited at our website.

Though it was late Spring after a very mild and dry winter the road to the trailhead to Miners Basin was impassable by vehicle due to snow. We hiked up the hillside but were turned back by several avalanches of melting snow along the steep ravine above the trail. With two taverns Miners Basin was meant to last but, we suspect, the long isolation before the summer melt doomed the town. To honor the town we created a ritual and altar along the trail.