Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Eliza Wren, Nord Anderson, Atticus & Sibyl Sappington, & Liesel Drysdale Photo: Britte Sappington

Haun's Mill is a music and multimedia group out of Austin, Texas. The sounds are described as haunted saloon folk, combine spaghetti western, circus music and classic country. The sights include vintage film clips, original animation and documentary footage from the groups travels throughout the world.

Husband and wife team: Eliza Wren and Nord Anderson lead the project. Eliza lends her talent as a filmmaker in these live projections as well as her inventive music videos. As a history major, Nord provides the storytelling. The group was formed upon Nord's writing of the song, Mt Pleasant (as featured in 'Ghost Town') and Eliza's childhood toy piano playing. Hoping for success again, the group will be opening their 2nd kickstarter campaign shortly. For more information please visit