Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Sego Ritual By Callous Physical Theater
by Callous Physical Theatre
For our Ghost Town project Callous Physical Theatre primitive camped near the old Dewey Suspension Bridge – itself a “ghost bridge” that burned soon after it was reconstructed – which was near the remnants of an old school house. From here we collected and created source material from the Dewey Bridge, Cisco, Sego and Miners Basin. We will continue to develop this material for "Pareidoilia", exhibited at our website.

Sego Coal Mine Altar Ritual Sego Graveyard

The road to Sego goes past the many abandoned buildings in Thompson Springs, an old graveyard and ancient petroglyphs. The abandoned coalmines, wreckage of a wooden school and the impressive company store provided much inspiration. As was true with each site, we created altars from found objects and performed movement ritual pieces within them.