Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Jennifer Gray Photo: Elizabeth Miklavcic
Jennifer Gray has worked as an illustrator, cartographer, and technical writer for most of her 32 year career. She is attending Brigham Young University as a full time student in 2014, completing a degree in history.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys building computers, studying maps, researching genealogy, photography, cooking, and reading. She also enjoys exploring abandoned places and ghost towns with her husband, Kevin.

Artist's Philosophy
I have always been fascinated by movement. When a person is captured in motion it brings a dynamic to the image that gives life and purpose to the moment caught. When photographing buildings or scenery it's a bit more difficult to capture the dynamics unless a catastrophic event, like a hurricane, is taking place at that moment in time. Time-lapse photography breaths life in a stationary subject. The subtle movement of shadows, leaves, grass, clouds, the flit of a bird across the field of view - these supporting players breathe life into a stationary element. Time-lapse also gives a sense of time passing that isn't always apparent in real time. Moods change quickly, the shadows shorten or lengthen, the wind picks up, the clouds come and go; yet the subject remains unmoved, but not unchanged.

Sound is also transitory. Birds in the morning sound different from birds in the evening. Perhaps a thunder storm rises up and then dissipates. The sound of rain, wind, a jet flying in the distance. These sounds change with the environment. In a city sounds compete to be heard. In abandoned places sounds become their own sort of symphony. In both places soundscapes help to shape the environment they are a part of. I'm hoping that hearing a place can enhance the visual experience as well.