Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Roz Newmark Photo: Mikel Covey

Long before Roz found herself in leotards and tights at a ballet barre, or bare foot in a modern dance class, she was gett'n down to the soulful rhythms of Rhythm and Blues. Her love of movement lead her to pursue dance in a more formal setting. She studied at Rosella Hightower's Le Centre de Danse in France. She has a BA in dance and photography and a MFA in choreography from the University of Utah. Roz has taught, choreographed and performed throughout the United States. She has been a member of the Artist-In Education programs in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Kansas where she has worked with people of all ages from elementary to university students.

Over the years, Roz has combined dance with various media, including neon sculpture and film. For more than two decades she has been part of a dynamic duo called "Ripple Tales", where she has had the joyful opportunity of blending her skills as a dancer, fiddler and vocalist with the art of storytelling.

A playful mind embraces problem solving with a softer intent and a creative perspective. There are a thousand different creative bread crumbs that can lead us home. It is important to remember this, when much of our daily lives is spent multitasking, cramming as many chores into our schedule as we can fit. We're used to trying harder and harder, doing more and more to "achieve" and often we end up frustrated and burnt out. All this goal based work can leave us without fulfillment or meaning. Driven by the beliefs of "If I just do more I'll be more competent, more successful, reach a higher level", but a higher level of what.....craziness? The way out of this cycle is often so simple that it eludes us. Fulfillment comes from when we are fully present. Learning to drop into the present moment is a skill that can be acquired through playful endeavors rather than painful pursuits.