History - As Our Thoughts Escape Us (1986)
September 26 - 27, 1986 - Theatre 208, U of U Modern Dance Dept., Salt Lake City, Utah

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When The Floor Bounces (1986)

Choreographer: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Music: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Set Design: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Set Construction: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Quilt Design and Construction: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Dancers: Pamela Falvo, Wendy Fink, Geneva Ann Moss
Location: University of Utah Modern Dance Department Theatre 208 (Dress Rehearsal)
Length: 8:45 minutes
Elizabeth Miklavcic specifically choreographed When The Floor Bounces as a repertoire contribution for the Company's children's concerts. This gentle dance is about the innocence and relationship of play. Inspired by Harlequins, the three dancers "play" in their environment as children do. The Harlequins dance with each other and manipulate the ever changing environment through the movement of the poles and material.

The stage set that creates the interactive environment, consists of five poles designed by Elizabeth and constructed by Jimmy Miklavcic. The poles are topped with doll heads, and hanging, hand painted, black and white checkered material that serve as "tents" in which the playful characters can rearrange and hide. On the reverse side of the checkerboard material are colorfully crafted hand sewn quilts created by Elizabeth using a variety of scraps of material.

Debuted in As Our Thoughts Escape Us, elements of When The Floor Bounces were performed for lecture demonstrations, and the full work was restaged for Another Language's 1993 See and Share children's concert.

The works of the Another Language Debut Concert, As Our Thoughts Escape Us, were recorded during the dress rehearsal. There were a few people in the audience previewing the concert, but to achieve any type of video recording, the lights were brought up to full so that the Beta video equipment could pick up the dances. In the early days of public accessible video cameras it was very difficult to video tape anything with low light.