History - Projects and Partnerships (2006)
Locating Grid Technologies - October 19, 2006

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Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic Symposium Attendees

Locating Grid Technologies
Dr. Angela Piccini a Research Councils Academic Fellow with the Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television with the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom invited Another Language Directors Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic to speak for a symposium on Performativity | Place | Space: Locating Grid Technologies, held October 19, 2006.

The premise of the e-Science workshops and symposium focused on Examining developments of grid technologies and the significant impact to the arts. Other topics included the investigation of various audio-visual elements (both live and pre-recorded), production of multiple performance by varying spatial configurations, and the potential impact to the taxonomies of performances.

The presentation offered by Another Language was InterPlay: Performing on a High Tech Wire. Jimmy talked about the technology of the Access Grid and how it is used within the creative process of developing an InterPlay performance. He shared an example of remote interaction between sites, citing the motion capture and midi-control exchange between the University of Montana and Purdue University for the Blue Box scene in InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box. Elizabeth discussed her performance art works created for the InterPlays beginning with Tea Party (2003), The Surface of Things (2004), Dressers (2005) and Mind Waves (2006).

Elizabeth commented at the time: Although some echo was experienced during the talk, it was exciting to share the "InterPlay" work with the receptive participants. It was an incredible experience to talk with someone in real-time, who lives in another part of the world as if they were in the same room. This truly is an exciting time to be working in this telematic medium.