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The Art-of-the-Month gallery, that began September 2010 as part of the completion of Fiscal Year 2021, contains one hundred and thirty-two works of art. All art is digitized for web display, though many mediums are represented, from pastel on paper, to acrylic paintings, and paintings created digitally. A painting is added once a month to present a variety of visual art for educational purposes, and hopefully, provide inspiration as to the creative potential of the visual arts.

The purpose of Art-of-the-Month is to represent concepts of composition that can be applied to the canvas and the stage. The canvas parallels the stage space, using universal concepts of design, line, geometry, color, texture, energy and composition. The viewer is able to scroll through the many artistic works relatively quickly, but keep in mind that some of these works took many hours, days, and months to create. All previously featured work is available in the Art-of-the-Month Archive.