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Elizabeth A. Miklavcic - Is the director of Music for Bubble Biters and plays one of the musicians in the cast as well. She has been performing since the age of four in many styles of dance, theatre, film and television. One of her recent credits includes playing a thrift store security guard in Napoleon Dynamite directed by Jared Hess. She can also be seen as Melissa Joan Hart's math teacher in Drive Me Crazy directed by John Schultz. In theatre, one of her favorite ensemble experiences was playing A Woman of Canterbury in Murder in the Cathedral written by T.S.Eliot and directed by Beth Bruner. The improvisational character development that went into the scenes of this movie was a fun acting challenge during the creation of the Music for Bubble Biters story.
Jimmy Miklavcic - The lead in Music for Bubble Biters playing the Composer and Conductor who has the responsibility of holding this crazy band of musicians together during the process of preparing for a concert performance of his work where the instruments are bowls of water. Jimmy is an accomplished actor who has played many roles with honesty. His credits include playing a lawyer in the television show Cover Me, the lead in Tugboat's Requiem by Tony Peterson and Peter in The Zoo Story by Edward Albee.
Tony Weller - The "First Bowl" in the cast of musicians of Music for Bubble Biters takes special pride in performances which compel perceptually narrow adults to think creatively if only for a moment. Tony's background consists mainly of participating in performance art works such as One Beef Meal, Voice of the Second Driver, The Anarchist Installation and Alter Ego Bip. As a member of the original cast of Bubble Biters in 1987 Tony was delighted to recreate his role for this mockumentary.
Priscilla Steed - Plays a musician in the cast of Music for Bubble Biters her experience as a member of the improvisational comedy troupe TBA prepared her very well for her role in this movie. Her credits include principal roles in a variety of independent films, Alice in Lost by Mary Louise Wilson, and Chill the Vulture in Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.
Bus Riley - An accomplished actor in theatre, film, and television, Bus was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and as he mentions in the film, he spent six years in the Air National Guard, "Guarding the shores of the great Salt Lake." This experience seemed appropriate preparation for his role as a musician in the cast of characters in Music for Bubble Biters. When he is not acting, he works on his portraits and illustrations, some of which are featured in his final interview in the movie.
Aaron Radl - A colorful presence in Music for Bubble Biters playing the "rock water musician" who lends his "professional" skills to the cast. Aaron has appeared in numerous feature films, as well as, over twenty-five independent films. He has played percussion instruments since the age of five and this was great preparation for his character in the film. Aaron served in the United States Air Force and is the father of a beautiful daughter, Brooklyn. Aaron is dedicated and respects all forms of art and was able to combine his skills as a cast member in Music for Bubble Biters.
Erik Brown - A renaissance man at heart Erik met the challenge of being a part of the cast in Music for Bubble Biters with enthusiasm. Erik's honest portrayal of his reserved manner added depth to the otherwise crazy cast surrounding him. As the influence of being a water musician progresses we see Erik emerge as an artist with a lot of new ideas yet to be created. This is Erik's film debut.