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Elizabeth Miklavcic, Director - Elizabeth has over twenty five years experience in directing choreography and performance for the live theatre, but this is Elizabeth's first narrative feature or short depending on your point of view regarding a 56-minute film. She was intrigued with the idea of capturing the essence of artistic obsession in a humorous manner, and the music composition Bubble Biters created by Jimmy Miklavcic in 1986 was the perfect subject matter. With true stories told in the interviews and incorporated into the story, this mockumentary pokes fun and at the same time respects the courage of artists. Elizabeth has created several Dance for the Camera films which have been shown internationally in such film festivals as Napolidanza in Naples, Italy.
Jimmy Miklavcic, Assistant Director - As one of the few people on the planet that can understand "Beth Speak" Jimmy's vital role was as the interpreter between Elizabeth's ideas and communicating them to the cast. He has a strong background in technical theatre and has been a "jack-of-all-trades" in the live theatre for many years. His skills include set design, lighting, stage-managing, and audio engineering.
Russel Henricksen , Director of Photography - Holds a BA degree in film studies from the University of Utah. His interest in film was encouraged from a young age by a generous next-door neighbor who let Russel experiment with a video camera. He is constantly looking at ways to bring stories to life and has too many ideas for one lifetime. Russel currently serves as a Specialist in the United States Army.
Sam Liston, Audio Engineer - His primary body of work on the film focused on the performance scene in Music for Bubble Biters. He was faced with the challenge of having to balance the extreme dynamics of sounds ranging from loud "screams" to very quite "blurps" that were a part of Jimmy Miklavcic's music composition. Sam works as a Media Specialist at the Center for High Performance Computing. He worked for two years as a Floor Director for Channel 2 News in Salt Lake City. He is a guitarist and has played for Southside Possum and InterPlay: Intransitive Senses. His skills have contributed greatly to the various projects he has participated in with Jimmy and Elizabeth.