History - Another Language on Tour (1990)
March 22, 1990 - Crane Theatre, Snow College, Ephraim, Utah

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Nuclear Ovulation
Created by Christopher Murry Ivins this work is just strange!

Guest choreographer Julie Preston set this beautifully danced solo on Christopher Murry Ivins.

The dancers wore newspaper costumes and lowered the stage lights to created a spot light, alien look to the stage. The lighting was very dark and the visibility of this performance is minimal. The interesting elements of this recording are the audience reactions.

Choreographed and performed by Gunild Pak this work is a personal expression of emotions through movement and healing.

Choreographed and performed by Christopher Murry Ivins and Jimmy Miklavcic. Bootlegging was created out of the motional retrictions from wearing ski boots.

Slip of the Tongue
Three distinct characters, created and staged by Jimmy H. Miklavcic, give a theatrical portrayal of Jody Plant's poetry.

A Dog's Breath Comes In Green
Choreographed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic, this solo was created for Elizabeth A. Miklavcic in 1980 and was performed for several Another Language Concerts. A Dog's Breath Comes In Green is a surreal dance that ties together pedestrian expression with challenging architectural modern dance movements.

In Some Language
Concert Finale - This three part performance includes choreography by Sari Lukkapinen, Christopher Murry Ivins, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.