History - Home Movies and Other Family Secrets (1991)
February 22-24 & March 1-3 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Home Movies and Other Family Secrets
Staged for Theatre-in-the-Round viewing and comprised of nine individual works that were assembled with childhood home movies, slides and audio stories of company members. This concert was meant to be seen as one complete work. Introduction of each piece was given by announcer Ryan Sales. This is the uninterrupted hour long concert.

A Little Peace and Quiet
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this performance work is mixture of theatre and dance. It examines the constant noise that we are exposed to and that we create.

Move On
This work, choreographed and performed by Lori Nichol is about how to leave your man, after he has already left you.

But I Still Wonder: I. Truth or Consequences
This solo choreographed and performed by Eleni Kambouris is about dealing with childhood confusion when questions are not answered. In this solo she is the adult looking at the child's world.

Choreographed by Sarah Hudelson this work is about living with someone who is a slob.

Keepin' Up with the Jones'
Choreographed and performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this work deals with the frustration of having to put up a "good" front when one can't keep up.

But I Still Wonder: II. The Staid Course
Choreographed and performed Eleni Kambouris as an opposite from the first solo she is now a child-like character in a larger world.

Full Closets
Choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic this work is about having and continuing to obtain too much stuff. It is also a comment on couture and how "fashion" is a point-of-view.

On The Verge of Invisibility
Originally filmed by Kerry Jensen in 1983 during Jimmy Miklavcic's set up of his installation exhibit at the Art Barn in Salt Lake City, Utah. This work was incorporated into the Home Movies concert.

Avoid Your First Inclinations
Choreographed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic, this work is a whimsical look at the creative decisions one makes after one avoids first inclinations. It also incorporates Jimmy's past experiences in the Williamstown High School Marching Band, replacing traditional instruments with squeeze toys and PVC pipe.